Thursday, 6 March 2014

in the pink

Sometimes I like to take one tangle and fill an entire tile with it - right up to the edges. Perhaps in my imagination I tangle beyond the edges - across the table, onto the floor and out under the door. With spring sun like this anything seems possible.

I'm still playing with colour - with how to apply it, with which ones I like and which I don't, working out how they work with and against the tangle process itself.

The other week I rolled up some strips of packing material that came through the post and coloured the rolled end with a Zig brush pen and pressed it onto my paper. I repeated the process with three colours I would never normally favour. I then softened the printed spirals with a water brush. I let it dry and stuck it in my little tin doubting the day would ever come where I would use it.

But today I did - in part I blame the sun. And the fact that I spotted Hypnotic on Tanglepatterns the other day and knew I wanted to play with it. And those spirals and the ones on the paper were bound to find each other - and they did.

It feels like one of those dreams that are fun while you're in them, but you wake feeling a little confused. A melted mess of citrus sweets. A rare flash of a 1960's peacock - now long extinct.

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