Thursday, 23 June 2016

in the red

This week the Diva not only invites us to use red in our tangling, but to focus on the fun too!

For me the fun came threefold.  Firstly, I tangled for the first time in over a week.  I've had a slight hand injury which meant I couldn't hold a pen, for writing or drawing.  Somewhat torturous, and so joy abounds now I'm picking up my tools again.  Secondly I dived straight in, no planning, grabbed a tile (a scratchy one that I'd been avoiding for good reason as it happens!), a thicker than usual pen and a new Crimson pencil.

Thirdly and most preciously I carried the baton for a few paces.  One of the most wondrous things about Zentangle is that way a far-flung community of souls is pulled together.  Yesterday I noticed that Antonine Koval had posted about how (among other things) a tile of mine had inspired her.  She then shared her new tangle N'Meshed.  And so, how could I resist carrying the inspiration on further by making my tile with her new tangle.

It's a fun tangle to draw, and it seems to relish those wobbly bits that occur frequently when trying to draw Ogee grids.  Mine is a simple variation, which ended up looking a bit like reptiles eyes!