Sunday, 16 March 2014

caught in the act

When I mentioned in my last post that I had a tangle in the pipeline I didn't realise it would burst forth quite so soon. Imagine my excitement on Wednesday, when I paid my daily visit to Tanglepatterns, to see my very own pattern there on the page! Snag! It's mine - published under my real name.

The thought that others might use it, just as I use theirs is quite thrilling. I'd love to see what you do with it - please do let me know so I can come and take a look. In the mean time I'll share the odd example of what I do with Snag.

One problem challenge of working with the tangle is to get the loops even - part of the fun of this tangle is it's quite easy going and quick to get down on paper. If we take a laid-back approach we shouldn't worry, let those loops go where they want to go and enjoy the lively tumble that results. But if you're in a tidy mood (and I often am too) you might want them to behave a bit more. One way I've found to tame them is to tuck something in each square of the grid, an orb or a square for example, and nudge each loop against it as you go.

(Here I've done that - on some lovely grey Tinted Bockingford paper. I've shaded using a Derwent Water Soluable Graphite pencil.)

It reminds me of lacey curtains hung in a window that hasn't known fresh air for many years.

I set myself the challenge to design my first tangle this year, it's only March and I've achieved it already - I guess that means I'd better get working on the next one!

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