Thursday, 13 June 2019

playing games in the rain

I'm now officially in the Summer portion of my year long seasonal tangling project or Inklings as I call it.  Midsummer's Day is next week - but the temperatures have been stubbornly low lately and this week we've had high winds and lots of rain.  I'm not complaining - the plants and soil need it - but I'm not deterred from working with more traditionally summery colours either!

I prepared my tiles using Distress Inks in 3 colours.  On each tile I used a blending tool and gently built up smooth colour all over the tile, darker at the edges, lighter in the middle.  Using a stencil I then added a section of one of the other colours.

Sinking into summer - Alice Hendon recently blogged about her Line Dance
tangle.  It's a great one to tangle - simple and deliciously repetitive.  Shading
takes it to another level and there's scope for embellishment too.

My choice of tangles was mostly dictated by those that have come to my attention over recent weeks, and that I haven't yet worked with, or those I wanted to try again.  There was no greater planning involved and yet somehow I tangled a very cohesive set of tiles.  One reason they work well together is the similar colouring and background.  But the other is those black vines that appeared on every tile!

Stars and Stripes - with pleasing similarites to Romancy and Clob
Checkmate (Jody Genovese) is a joy to draw and shade. 
I added a handful of Helen Williams' Seeing Stars too.

I often add black details as I come to the end of a tile.  To me they feel like the finishing touch, and help to give an extra layer of excitement to a tile that might look a little flat.  Sometimes I might use perfs, or some Fescu or Beadlines.  There's official terms for this I think - to do with contrast and value maybe.  But to me it's just instinctive.  Is there enough black, white (or colour) and grey?  If not, add a bit here and there till I like it more!  These vines also help to connect different areas of a tile.  They can be vines, or ribbons, or long Fescu.  They can break out into an area of negative space, without completely filling it.  They can also cover over any little wobbles or slips I'm not happy with!

Dark and disturbing - Saatin (Nadine Roller) is one of those tangles,
deceptively simple and yet with so much potential for variation.
Blind Membranart (Tomàs Padrós) is another stunning fusion of organic
and mathematical and just begged to be envined!

Lately my black ribbons and vines are not content to merely wrap around or between other tangles - now they want to go through!  And who am I to stop them.  Just as summer days are sometimes cut through with rain, so the brightest tile needs its shot of darkness.


  1. Are you sure those aren't snakes, Jem? I can't help but see slithering snakes.

    1. No - definitely not snakes Linda - they have no eyes! ;)

  2. Jem, I did some research on these black 'things' you call vines. Eels, they are eels. The blood sucking ones. The ones that are famously known to slither through Line Dance and Checkmate and weave through Blind Membranart holes. Totally harmless to kids, pets and tanglers and once they are discovered on the web, their numbers freezes and stay stagnant on the invaded published tile. In other words you will not end up with a totally black tile in a month or two. Happy eeling to all.

    1. Snakes for Linda - eels for you. I think it's because you both live in places where there are more threatening creatures all around you. ;) Not that we have vines where I live, either! Loved what you wrote - made me laugh!

    2. Jeez, Jem. I completely forgot to comment on your tiles. I love all 3 of them. I am one of those tanglers who has problems with dull looking tiles and I hope your tip of adding blackness at the very end will burn into my memory. Thanks so much for that. Eely greetings.

    3. What are you like Susie - you have no problem, whatsoever, with 'dull looking tiles'. Preposterous! Your tiles have so much interest in them.

  3. Three terrific tiles (how's that for some alliteration? LOL). My fave is the third one.

    Eels and snakes? Hmmm, I prefer VINES, most definitely!

    Wet and windy down South for sure, but hoping for brighter days!

  4. PS: Thank you for linking some of your patterns . . . am off to investigate in order to improve my own tangling. You're an inspiration xxx

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments Sarn. Glad the links help - sometimes there are too many tangles to even contemplate linking to them all - but sometimes I try to.