Friday, 5 May 2017

pieces of eight

I've tangled more than my blog would suggest of late. I've filled pages of my sketchbook with ideas, some of which have wings, but few of which have flown.

Pigment ink / white pencil / white gel pen / graphite on grey pastel paper

I've even drafted a post all about Tangler's block and how to get around it. But that's not quite where I am now - I'm beyond the block but still in its shadow. I've crafted analogies about new leaves hidden in the branches of winter's trees - but now I notice we're halfway to summer.

Pigment ink / white pencil / yellow ochre pencil / white gel pen / graphite on honey pastel paper

Soon I know I'll settle back into familiar rhythms and faithful practice but until then I'll share some tiles. These were created on eight Sundays dotted over the last four months. Tangling with limited tools and choices over the festive period felt wonderfully liberating, so I really wanted to revisit that way of working. Just grab a few pencils and a tile, as we listen to an instalment of our current audiobook, and this is what happens.


  1. Amazing creations! I'm so with you on the elegance of limitation 😉 How lovely those will be framed. I love the Florz piece with the other patterns drawn behind it. I'm gonna have to lift that idea😍

  2. I look forward to seeing what you do with the Florz idea. I think with these tiles, new things arose precisely because I wasn't overthinking it!

  3. beautiful original work as well on the grey tiles as on the tan, love them all!

    1. Thank you Ria. I've started work on another set, and they are green!