Wednesday, 22 October 2014

rolling in the deep

I haven't been tangling that much lately - sometimes life gets in the way.  But I'm starting to warm up and get back into it.  Zentangle is such a welcoming old friend - it doesn't judge you if it hasn't seen you for a while, it opens the door, ushers you inside and lets you take back your favourite seat.  I've warmed up gently, by enjoying the sensation of pen moving across paper, of following a line, rather than trying to tame it.  And what wonderful things that can lead to... 

I had read this post from the always inspirational Helen Williams - and went away with the intention of playing with her Steps tangle.  But something went a bit wrong, but I really like the wrongness.  The way the thing bulges and twists and fills out in some areas but not in others.  Like a creature from the deepest seas - part fish, part plant.  I surround it with a few sympathetic friends, and colour the tile in murky blues and greys.

It has sat on my shelf in a little frame for the last week or so, watching me without eyes - waiting and knowing that more lines of ink will surely follow.  And they do.

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