Wednesday, 25 June 2014

come again

Things took a different turn over at the Diva's place this week - where guest Sharla Hicks asked us to Redux / Remix / Revisit one or two of our frequently used tangles.

I varied the size and direction of Flux
and had Tipple pooling and dripping
down.  I tried to shade with watercolour
and stippled with a coloured pen.
One of the things I like about Zentangle is its mindlessness - no, that's not quite right, its mindfree nature.  The fact I can sit and let the pen make strokes and see where they take me.  But sometimes it's good to make it a more mindful activity.  To really worship the form and honour it and see if it's willing to grace us with even more beauty and pleasure.

I tried to make Tipple textural by having
it wrap the columns and I let Flux tumble
free.  I tried to shade more heavily than
I would usually.
To choose which tangles to redux I went back to some of the first ones I learned and those I use often but tend to be lazy with - using them over and over in the same ways I originally learned them.  The two culprits I chose were Flux and Tipple.  Flux I always have as meandering vine with even sized leaves on each side.  Only once or twice have I drawn it as a fixed clump.  And Tipple is always a helpful little filler, but never much of a star in its own right.

I altered Flux and drew it as a freehand
grid 'wrapping' a solid.  I tried to alter the
size of Tipple to create dark and light
but lost focus a bit!
In addition I wanted to try to give more thought to shading, and to the layout of my tangles on the tile - I always tend to stick to the square border and fill it - but often admire the tiles of those who deviate from this.

I spent a long time playing in my sketchbook and then produced three tiles (click on any image to enlarge) over two days - each to some degree succeeding in doing something new.  It was a great challenge, and has opened a new way of exploring tangles.  I know I'll do this again.


  1. well done - these are beautiful and you have done so much with them

  2. Wow.... I love all three... but my love is the first one... color, and simplicity of the tangle... and I am one that loves things filled to the capacity... LOL... go figure... but I love them all.. Love, Light and Peace..Bonnie .

  3. Wow, what a treat for my eyes. All three so very different and yet so beautiful. I love your shading, especially in the purple one.

  4. Great line work! I like how you used stippling to shade your purple piece.

  5. You really delved into the spirit of this challenge. I learned so much reading your entry and seeing what you did. I also considered revisiting Tipple for this challenge but chickened out, so I am all the more impressed by what you did. And I LOVE that Flux on the second tile!!!!

  6. Great use of Flux. Like the shading. Your free hand grid reminds me of Helen Williams' tangle Twirl.

  7. Three beautiful studies, each one a total success. Your text is very well written and so informative. This is an A+ post. Thanks.

  8. These tiles are great. The first two remind me of the Greek empire, and the third one...flux as a border around a grid... absolutely outside of the box, and it's wonderful! I love the way you aura'ed inside each leaf.

    Well done! aka HeidiSue

    Flux was my "go to" pattern too, and I'm tickled to see your treatment of my "first love" :)

  9. These are beautiful , but I myself prefer the second one :)

  10. You are just SOOO clever! I love these tiles - all of them are great but the second one is just yummy and utterly delicious. Axxx