Thursday, 12 June 2014


I only discovered Erin the Bright Owl shortly before she flew away for a short break.  But this week she's back on her branch, with a new challenge template for us to play with.

Her suggested theme is Happy.  Well, obviously tangling makes me happy.  But this week summer seems to have properly arrived and that's filling my thoughts, my writing and my tangling too.  Everything I tangle seems brighter, looser, more airy.

And again I find I like the different approach that Zendala asks for.  The decision as to whether to join or subdivide sections.  The choice of what tangle will work in these small spaces.  The repetition through each section of the tile.  The symmetry.

When I read I like to shift between books.  When I write I like to work a bit on one project, then move to another. I find it is at these junctions and shifts that the sparks really happen.  And so it is with Zentangle.  I wouldn't want to focus solely on Zendala, traditional tiles or ZIA.  But shifting between them, picking up ideas from one and trying them in the next place - that's where the magic happens.  That's when I'm happy.

And so to my take on Zendala #94 -

Only a few proper tangles appear here.  Some Flux, Eke, something a bit Aquafleur-ish round the edge.  I've been playing with Meer lately and that influenced the lined parts which look like clover now they're finished.  It's definitely got a summery vibe -  I feel like I could lay back on it and watch the sky spin on forever!


  1. I love this zendala of yours, great linework!

  2. Like the feathery line work in the center. Nice balance with the fill in the other patterns.

  3. It's a lovely delicate Zendala - enjoy the sunshine! Axxx

  4. i like that meer-ish section a lot! nice work!

  5. Fabulous linework - nice contrast of tangles.