Friday, 31 July 2015

I'll grow wherever you will grow

For this week's guest-hosted Diva Challenge we were asked to celebrate the organic.

I began with no destination in mind and this is where I ended up.  A fusion of two tangles recently introduced on Tangle Patterns.  Mei providing the swirled trellis, with little Flux leaves appearing along its branches.  And a deconstructed Dicso appear at the cross points. 

It took quite a long time to draw.  Mostly because I wanted to have that thick and heavy look to all the lines - they suited the gothic garden image I had in mind.  But it was a tile I did in multiple sittings - adding a little bit more each time I had five minutes to spare.  It grew, almost by itself.  Spreading across my initial framework.  As if by magic.  As if by the magic of nature itself.

Despite spending most of my adult life lost in books, I read very little as a child.  But I do remember one hot summer, ill and lying on a mattress by an open door reading from a hardback copy of The Secret Garden (Frances Hodgson Burnett).  And I wonder if a little bit of that garden stayed with me, and regrew this week.

Friday, 24 July 2015

send in the clowns

On the surface it might appear that I have abandoned the wonderful world of Zentangle.  Not so - I just haven't posted anything on my blog for a while.  I've been mostly caught up making ATCs for the swap organised on the Facebook based group for art that is Stacked and Tangled.

Now that they have safely arrived in Arizona I can turn my attention to other things.  And one of my first stops is the latest Diva Challenge.

I'm not a big fan of the circus, although I did go quite a few times in my childhood.  And the thought of using bright colours freaks me out a bit - but I pushed myself to stick with it and I'm really pleased with the result.
Entertainment provide by Cack, Tropicana and Linq