Wednesday, 4 June 2014

sound the Bugles

A downwards progression - featuring Msst,
Prestwood and Tipple
One of the many interesting aspects of Zentangle is the way the tangles are meant to be non-representational.  This is one of the keys that really allows us to unleash our carefree artist selves - without the fear of whether what we draw looks like what it's meant to be.

For me it's a great outlet from my daily writing work, where I'm striving hard to make each word I chose capture as best I can whatever I'm trying to get across.  A break with a tile and pen allows movement and freedom and blissful meaninglessness.  However, as soon as I put that pen down and look at my tile, I snap back into the represented world.  I start to see all sort of things in my tile.  But that's fine, by then I need to get back to noticing things in that way.

Bunch of delights - Diva Dance, Rain,
Verdigogh and Henna Drum
When I set out playing with Bugles for this week's Diva Challenge I happily drew away thinking of nothing more than where the pen might take me, where a straight or a curve line might work, where dark and light should meet or steer clear of one another.  But when I stepped back from the finished tile, true to form, I saw all sorts of things that tied in with what I'd been reading earlier that day.  I could see rain dripping down to a parched and buckled land.  I could see elephant trunks.  I could see childhood beaches and ice-cream cornets.  And all that without me intending any of it.

Keeping it simple - with added Cruffle
I thought it might be fun for a second tile to swing wildly the other way - to intend to draw something, to set out to make a picture with the tangles.  I deconstructed Bugles - lifting the cones from the Bales-like connectors.  Set that way they reminded me of those plastic cones that florists sell flowers in - and if tangles grew on trees, what a bouquet that would be!

For some reason then I felt that I should come back round, to where we start from, an intention of no intention.  A third and final tile - with Bugles again lifted from it's moorings.  And tucked a little more snuggly into each of it's neighbours.  A simple square of paper and ink - and nothing more to it that whatever you want it to be.


  1. What a fantastic little trip - with pictures and words. All three tiles are wonderful - but I love the second two the best.

  2. Wow, you really stretched Bugles in so many different directions. I love them all, and enjoyed the story along the way :)

  3. Oh, these are super; I love your development of the tangle.

  4. I sure see you like to play with the tangle. Your development in the three tiles is awesome.

  5. Wow - love the journey of bugles you provided for us - really shows the beauty of zentangle - it truly can be anything you want it to be.

  6. I love your description of your trip and the outcoming.

  7. AWESOME TILES.... love them all... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  8. Thank you for using my tangle, Bugles. You went on a creative journey - wow. Thank you for sharing. I like them all but especially the flowers in the vases with the mat under.

  9. What fun to hear your process working with bugles. I have to retry this tangle as I was not happy with the way mine turned out, so thanks for the nudge in that direction.

  10. Thank you for sharing your bugles journey. The freedom you allowed yourself - moving from non-representational to a "form" (which emerged as a result of desire) and then back to free-flow. It raised my awareness to these different consciousness states.

    For the tiles themselves - also beautiful :)
    I like them all. I liked your variation, and composition, and flow, and form, and "non-form".

    Thank you!