Friday, 15 August 2014

something wicked this way comes

During my tanglings this week I've been trying to listen to my instincts, not plan or force designs in any particular direction, not get too hung up on the concept of the challenges I take part in, but focus more on the opportunity to tangle.  I've had a bit more time to spend on the pure pleasure of making these little pictures, and I've made sure to enjoy that.

Sometimes lately I've fallen into trying to cram every tangle on offer into my tile for Adele's It's a String Thing challenges, but this week I stopped myself.  Because very clearly I could feel that two tangles worked well together, and so did the other two - but four might have made an uneasy crowd.  Onomato and Hurray! are working together for the tile I've submitted to Challenge #53 - but here I present the one's that got away.

The wonderful Planateen which starts as a thin bolt of lightning and then magically transforms into curvaceous overlapping roof tiles ripe for a bit of shading.   And tumbling down across that the ever lively Pokeleaf (the official foliage of the Pokeroot plant!).  A bit of colour from some used-dry and blended Inktense pencils and I'm pleased with the result but slightly worried that I might set autumn in motion with the colour of those leaves!

I've always loved the way roofs work - that all those individual tiles aren't stuck down, but hold together by the way they overlap.  And I'm even more impressed by the way plants try to claim any and every space they can.  We dare not stand still for too long!


  1. Beautiful tile. I love the way you treated Planateen, a tangle I am going to have to work on more.

  2. Loved your submission to the String Thing - a tile worthy of the honours this week - and absolutely adore your 'alternative' version too! Great stuff. Axxx