Monday, 11 August 2014

going round the bend

A couple of weeks ago my latest tangle was added to the amazing array at Tangle Patterns. 

Kitl feels like a natural progression from my first tangle, Snag, but heads off in its own direction.

Maybe I'm in danger of sounding like a proud parent, but I think it's got lots of potential for tangleation.  I'm interested to see what others do with it.  But in the meantime I had a bit of a play on a rainy Sunday and came up with a couple of variations.

In the first I've essentially auraed each loop, thereby making them look solid, and able to be linked onto other tangles.  It also shows how lining the Kitl up can make the tangle work as a filler.  TIP - when doing this I find that making a slight pen mark where each crossover will be allows you to keep your Kitl evenly spaced.

In the second I've popped them in small arcs inside a basic square grid, which here become Bales, but could stand alone or fit with any other grid tangle.

I hope you have fun with Kitl and please feel free to ask me to come and take a look at how you've used it!

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