Tuesday, 1 April 2014

spoilt for choice

One thing I struggle with is trying to hold all the tangles and their names in my mind. When I started learning, and only knew about 10 tangles I was fine - I could sit at a blank tile and bring up which ever one I wanted, knowing how to draw it and what it was called. Soon after my memory banks became overloaded, and apart from a handful of favourites, or recently learned tangles I now tend to struggle. I look at a tile and know I want a curvy one or a filler or a wispy one but struggle to bring the tangle or its name to mind. I then resort to looking at books or websites to find one - which somehow feels like cheating, or at least bringing myself out of the Zentangle mindful place.

But on reaching Day 24 of One Zentangle a Day it seems I'm not the only one to struggle. Krahula gets herself in a bit of a mess on this day - calling Mooka Mocha and introducing a tangleation of Pepper which to me is surely a tangleation instead of Zinger?

I liked the Zinger variant - it allowed it to be a bigger, heavier tangle and also offered more shading potential. She also taught us Striping, which looks better in practice that in theory. I kept my tile simple - with a bit of bulging on the dark stripes. 

 The result wouldn't be out of place on a 70's mantelpiece.

For the second activity Krahula asked us to make a tile using colour, watercolour. I used my Zig Clean Color brush pens which blend and disperse like watercolour. Using colour is new to me, and I'm making it up as I go along, which feels fun and also right. I challenged myself to use colours I wouldn't normally tend toward - the warm bright ones!

And I'm pleased with the result. It's a little messier and looser than my pen and pencil work but it's inviting and colourful and I liked using the spaces in Echoism for other tangles. It also looks like it would be right at home hanging on the wall above that 70's mantelpiece!

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