Thursday, 24 April 2014

better late than never

I intended to do a second tile for last week's It's a String Thing challenge - I'd laid down some watercolour pen in the shape of the string - but, running out of time, I never got round to tangling once it was dry.  It sat in a little tin on my shelf - looking a lot like a featureless Loch Ness monster. 

Earlier in the week I noticed the latest Diva challenge - but no ideas immediately came to mind, and also I was short of time. 

Today I had some time.  I went back to that coloured tile and started to lay down a lighter variation of Bunzo, and a lighter version of Bubbles - or perhaps equally a larger, looser version of Tipple?  And as I was drawing curve after curve, as the shapes were meandering across the tile, as the pen crossed and recrossed the borders of green and brown and blue it came to me...

Somewhere beyond the sea

Here was a tile perfect for the Diva's Earth Day challenge.  A small precious something you can hold in your hand and your heart.  A place where boundaries blur, where colours mix together into new and wonderous forms, a place where things can all look alike but each be unique.


  1. This is just lovely being so dreamlike.

  2. Your Bunzo remind me of sea shells. Like the blue background.

  3. It is a very lovely tile indeed - perfect for Earth day and yet just a little bit otherworldly too! Axxx

  4. Elegant and lovely and lovely thoughts too. Thanks for sharing.