Thursday, 1 May 2014

in bloom

We have two camelia - one out front, the other out back.  The one in the back is white and is half hidden in a shaded corner.  The one in front is deep pink, and stands just outside the window where I sit at the table to tangle.  They are just past their best now, more petals scattered beneath than still on the branch.

Inspired by this, I decided to free Camelia from her grid for my take on this week's Diva Challenge.

In the first tile I let the tangle form three arcs across the tile and filled and prettified each a little differently.  I like the movement in the lower two - following the line with my eye feels a bit like following the old helter skelter.  And the uppermost arc reminds me of a laurel wreath crown.

On the second I imagined the tangle wrapping three solid spheres.  Once I'd drawn the basic lines (great practice for parallels!) I had fun with filling and spirals and edging.  They look like very peculiar watermelons! 

If the first tile takes a few steps away from the original tangle, the second has crossed the road entirely.  And I'm left wondering - is there such a thing as a tangleation too far?  I like how it looks - but I hope that enough of the heart of the tangle remains for it's creator to still recognise it.


  1. I like both of them. I am not sure that there is anything as too much tangleation. That is part of the beauty of Zentatngle®

  2. These are lovely, Ray. The first one has such a lovely elegant form - and I do like what you did with the tangle in the second one. They do have a look of watermelons - in a good way! Axxx

  3. Both are beautiful, very well done.

  4. Both are very lovely! Especially I like the wonderful flow of your Camelia in the first one!

  5. Love what you've done with this tangle - particularly the pods! We had many camellias running down the side of our house where I grew up - my mum loved them.