Monday, 7 April 2014

Mooka loopy

Perhaps people are divided into two classes - those that can draw Mooka, and those that can't. I fall into the latter. I love how it looks, but I get into such a mess drawing it that both Mooka and I look jumbled by the end.

It's the bit at the base that goes wrong, so I've had it popping out of holes before, which works, but how many holes do I really want in each and every tile. I looked through some of the tangles I know to see if there were others that Mooka could emerge from.

And I think I've found a decent handful to start with. I practiced each in my sketchbook, giving Mooka itself a slightly different look each time.

Top-left - a ferny spiralling version of Mooka emerging from the holes in Nipa. Although the stems are levitating rather strangely here! A light and airy feel.

Top-right - a bulkier Mooka arises from between the parallel magic of Hollibaugh. This is a striking combination - lots of dark and light.

Bottom-left - a simple Mooka appears from the comparments in Cubine. This one is interesting because of the contrast between the geometrical boxes and the soft curves.

Bottom-right- slender Mooka strands finger up from the centre of several Festune. I hardly ever use Festune, and today I wonder why - it's lovely and versatile and stacks beautifully to suggest dimension.

Next time I fancy popping Mooka onto a tile perhaps I can feel more confident knowing I can anchor it to another tangle.

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