Wednesday, 30 July 2014

double duo

I loved the idea for this week's Diva Challenge - a duotangle with names beginning with the letters of our initials.  I choose to try two new tangles - starting with a J and an M (for my real name Jem Miller).  I picked Japonica (by Sandra Strait) and Me Three (by Cindy Pope).

Both were a pleasure to learn and play with - but somehow they didn't hang together quite as well as I hoped on the finished tile.  I tried again with some variations but still didn't really like the result.  But in the spirit of 'no mistakes' I thought I'd share them anyway.

I like the sense of taughtness in the monochrome one - I feel like I could reach in and twang the Japonica straps - or poke my fingers through the Me Three holes.

For the second attempt I decided to straighten the edges of the Me Three sections - turning circles into hexagons and suddenly I had honeycomb.  But then the Japonicas seemed like bulging larvae burrowing their way into the comb.  Quite creepy!

I think that some place between the two tiles would have been preferable.  I little less Me Three than the first, but sticking with the taught rather than bulging Japonica.  Oh well, there's always next time!


  1. Two unique and wonderful Tiles. I like how you laced the Japonica in each of the Tiles. Nice uniform shading in the first Tile, and the colors in the second Tile work very well. I found no creepiness in the second Tile and like both of them. Very well done.

  2. Wonderful and imaginative tiles! Wonderful job!

  3. I love the hexagon Me Three! That's gotta be tricky. I need to go try it... :-)

  4. I love your style, and the tiles you create are constantly unique, creative, and - beautiful.
    These two are not different. I love the monochrome tile, and how you created a "pocket of interaction" :)
    I also love the colored tile, and the hex pattern you created. Most creative.
    Beautifully and artfully done.

  5. Both are very nive, but I prefer the hexagon Me Three. That is such an original idea!

  6. I really like them both but for different reasons! The shading on the first one is great! I like the second with the hexagon shapes and the lovely colors! Two wonderful tiles!

  7. I like the hexagonal Me Three. The circle ones remind me of Whoopee cushions.