Monday, 10 March 2014

multi-tasking part 2

Whilst waiting for the Glaze ink to dry on this piece I picked up my first ever Zendala.

I had printed it off as a test more than anything - I'd been playing about to see what papers our old printer might be willing and able to accept and was thrilled when it decided it could cope with a thinnish water-colour paper (200gsm). I didn't want to print off a test sheet just to throw away - I'm far too frugal with paper for that - so grabbed a Zendala from The Bright Owl (Zendala Dare #92).

I'd noticed Zendalas early in my Zentangle adventures, and see that we do get to them later in One Zentangle a Day - but ever impatient I couldn't wait to give it a go. I hadn't really seen any 'instructions' as to how I should do it - and knowing how wonderfully forgiving this whole Zentangle world is, I just dived in.

I found myself sub-diving some sections into smaller areas. And having since looked through others results I see that is accepted practice! Making a Zendala feels quite different from making a Zentangle tile, in that symmetry and repetition seem suited to the Zendala look, whereas the square tiles encourages us to go anywhere. It's not a better or worse approach, it's just different, and I enjoyed it very much. I found myself coming and going from it - adding a bit, then a bit more. The end result is clearly a first attempt but I know I'll be back for more.

The Sampsons I used on my other tile crept up again here, as did the 'nzeppel. Together they seem to create the impression of a derelict church, with the wilderness breaking through the windows to reclaim the space. Perhaps the building is round and the wooden parquet flooring (Paradox) is all that is still intact - but not for long!

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