Monday, 24 February 2014

the first sign of madness

My tiles are often influenced by my mood. A bad day often leads to me declaring I've made a bad tile. And much like today, my tile for Day 22 of One Zentangle a Day didn't come out how I hoped.

The tangles jarred with one another and looked uncomfortable, and the whole lacked elegance, fun or interest. But that doesn't particularly matter - it's not the end result that matters, so much as the process - which was methodical, calm and pleasing.

And it led me to having a sort-of conversation with two tangles - which went something like this -

ME Tagh - aren't you ultimately the same as Printemps only filled differently?

TAGH (slightly offended) Not really...

ME But you are. Okay, your shape is a bit more upright and squared, and you have a darkened dot, not a spiral, but other than that...?

TAGH I'm sure I'm different to Printemps.

PRINTEMPS (interjecting) It's true. We are different... It's just that you draw us the same.

ME Me? are you blaming me for your failings.

TAGH & (at the same time) Umm... yes!

ME (dashes off to find original learning of Printemps... only to find I draw them in rows, all of the same size. I got it slightly 'wrong' from the off and never noticed. Each time I used it I compounded the original error.)

ME Why did you tell me?

PRINTEMPS (sheepishly) I didn't like to!

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