Wednesday, 15 January 2014

stringing along

Sometime last summer I started sniffing around on blogs where people were talking about Zentangle.  I felt a desire to see what other people were saying about it, what they were doing with it, how their work looked.  In the process I stumbled across a blog called Tickled to Tangle.  The writer of the blog, Adele Bruno CZT, had recently launched a weekly challenge, called It's a String Thing.  Each week she posts a string and a chosen selection of tangles from the Tanglepatterns archive.  Participants tangle away and return to share their wildly different responses.

For a few weeks I took part within the pages of my sketchbook - but come the seventh week of the challenge I took the plunge and emailed a tile to Adele.  She was so encouraging, and continues to be, to each and every participant.  I feel that my tangling and the experience as a whole has been improved by a feeling of sharing the fun with a group of other enthusiasts.  I still try to take part most weeks - and only missed a few due to the Christmas and New Year festivities!

Below are a couple of digital flipbooks which hopefully show the tiles I've created for the It's a String Thing challenges - including the early ones which have never before seen the light of day.


  1. I just saw the tile you did with the paintbrush! BRILLIANT! I think it's so wonderful. I wish I had thought of it - now I'll see that paintbrush all the time too!

  2. me too! I will surely be looking at my strings in a new manner. SO very clever. You do such lovely work...inspired!

  3. Hello Sue and Vicky - thanks so much for visiting my site. It's so encouraging when people with more experience than me tell me they like what I do. I think Zentangle encourages us to be like sponges - soaking up all we can from everyone and everything we encounter!