Monday, 13 January 2014

a happy haitus

It's not that I stopped tangling... more that I stopped blogging about it. Or rather I never really started - I wrote the first lot of posts but never went live with this blog. Perhaps I wasn't sure if I would stick with this new pastime - but I now I'm sure I will.

Perhaps at some time I'll fill in the gaps in my One Zentangle a Day journey - I'm still working my way through the book, and still loving the learning and making lots of notes on the process as I go. But I've also found myself making my own way through the Zentangle jungle, and getting caught up in its varied loops. From here on I'll try to blog about my journey.

(a quick flick from my last post before the blogging break to the first one after will surely show the leaps and bounds I've come on in my Zentangle practice.  It really is a practice that can make anyone feel and look like an accomplished artist!)

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