Tuesday, 12 April 2016

kiss the graphite goodbye

I didn't fancy doing a full globular grid, as suggested by the Diva for this week's challenge.  So I just worked with the central cross-section part.

The only tangle I'd chosen before hand was Wallbucket by Sandra Strait (which I spotted on a recent via to Ina Sonnenmoser's new tangle resource site Pattern-Collections.com).  I wanted this for the middle section and I think it looks great. 

And then I just let my pen do whatever it wanted.  The arched sections took Betweed very well.  Some non-specific arches provided a base for a few Flux and then I did a Verve-type border. 

I've got into a habit lately of taken before and after images between finishing the line work and shading.  I almost always prefer the shaded version, but today I didn't.  It looked a bit messy.  But perhaps because I'd coloured some sections with a grey watercolour brush pen before I started the detail work there was enough contrast to not need additional shading quite so vitally. 

Anyway, there it is. 


  1. I really like the scale, and well chosen tangles

  2. Really lovely - and some tangles that are very new to me. Axxx

  3. I like your pared down version very much and the pattern you have used to frame it is glorious. (I love Verve but had never thought of using it that way.) Guess what I'm going to be trying soon?

  4. Very nice I like wallbucket haven't used it for a long time 😊

  5. Looks very classy and crisp with just the right contrast. Have a brilliant day! Cheryl

  6. Beautiful border - beautiful tile.