Monday, 7 March 2016

from fertile ground

The note I attached with the tile I sent to Adele in response to her latest It's a String Thing challenge touched on my dissatisfaction with what I'd drawn.  I know that Zentangle is all about the process more than the results - but sometimes you can enjoy the tangling but still be left with a sense that something could have gone better.  And that was what I felt, in heaps, last week.  I just couldn't get the 3 tangles to work together, even though I like each in isolation.  I told her I'd like to revisit them again to see what might happen...

... and today I did just that.  And like Beanstalk Jack's magic seeds, that his mother threw out thinking they were pointless, something wonderful happened.  From my seeds of disappointment, this image appeared.  Tamisolo rising like twists of beanstalk from the frame of Sati (my latest tangle to feature on Tangle Patterns).  This was what I was looking for last week, but it just wasn't there.  But a few days later, in my sketchbook, allowing it to stretch beyond the bounds of a tile, without a string, there it was.  If I'm lucky, then perhaps soon Fission will start to sprout for me too!

Added the next day - and here it is!

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