Saturday, 8 November 2014

obscured view

Life is still getting in the way of tangling.  I've started to  make brief visits to my sketchbook again, but actually drawing on a tile has been rare.  And posting and sharing those results even rarer.

But here's a little something I knocked out for this week's Diva Challenge.  I wasn't in the calmest frame of mind when I drew it and that shows in the wobbly lines, but Seton is forgiving tangle, that turns wobbles into rustic charm.

I adore how Seton provides the bare framework for us to embellish in endless ways.  Here I chose to use my own tangle, Kitl for the fill.  For some strange reason I often forget to use my own tangles when drawing!

A bit of colour and I'm quite pleased with the finished image.  I like the strange sense of looking through bars onto a patterned wall, or seen another way a tiled wall.  This confusion sums up my state of mind of late - sometimes it's hard to know quite what you're looking at.


  1. First and foremost - welcome back !
    I missed your posts and your unique style. Happy you got your pen flowing again :)

    Love your Seton and Kitl combination, the holes that make the grid look like "bars" (like in a prison cell), and the gentle color touches.

    Hope life will allow more posts :)

    Take care

  2. Kitl works so well with Seton. Nice job on the shading.

  3. I, too, was pleased to see your post in Laura's listing. Love your Seton-Kitl combination. Delightful design and wonderful shading. Well done, and I hope you'll be able to post again soon.

  4. yes I like the way you look through the bars to the circles, which you have emphasized. the subtle colour is very nice - well done

  5. Great to see you back!!! Your tile is beautiful; Seton is great with Kitl and the depth in it is awesome.

  6. Beautiful glimpse inside your tangled window.

  7. I love your works perfectly with seton!