Tuesday, 12 June 2018

curiouser and curiouser

It's been 3 months since I shared the innermost secrets of my sketchbook with you.  So here we go again.  My practice pages have become even darker and more dense as the year has moved on - with tangles tucking in, around and under each other.  I wonder if this says more about my mind or my creative style - and where is the dividing line between one and the other?

Points of interest - some inky aured Pokeleaf which appeared in a challenge tile.
Rediscovering Romancy, Loop Lopp and Coil.
A giant Paradox, and a tiny Wholly-Hollibaugh-Flux thing.
Playing with new blue pens for Marguerite Samana's Delft technique.

Points of interest - practicing Tomas Padros' Pickpocket.
  Discovering Krokus, Pernula and the wonderful Nik and Kaboom!
  Creating a juicy Mooka border that I really love!

Points of interest - playing with Adele Bruno's new tangle, Mack.
  Re/discovering Odee, Reno and Elirob.
  Tucking curvy tangles against straight - Flux and Ing.
  Playing with Mooka inside some circles.

Points of interest - playing with Diva Dance Rock 'n' Roll roses.
  Hearts and Diamonds and the first appearance of Miff!
  A Nik / Arukas fusion that I really like!
  'Down the Rabbit Hole' - dense and time consuming but such fun!

I've made a few notes on each image, pointing out things that I particularly like - but you might spot others that take your fancy.  Feel free to ask if there is anything you'd like named or explained!


  1. WOW - these look awesome.
    Greetings from further along the South Coast! xxx

    1. Thank you Sarn - a wave along the English Channel to you too!

  2. You call Curiouser and curiouser what I would call Crazier and Crazier. So many tangles to look at and study and make notes such as 'have to try that one'. If you left out the names each page would be a great tangle quiz. Love it, Jem!

    1. Thank you Susie! To be honest it's enough of a quiz for me to remember even with the names! At least this way gives me a chance of naming them for people when I use them again!

  3. Oh my goodness Jem!!! These are just beautiful!! I love everything you do. Your style is so clean and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Kristi. Such kind words. I love seeing your swaps in the TTP group and hope our swapping paths cross one day soon!

  4. Hmmnnn I thought for sure I'd left a comment on this post last week. I came over here to revisit the Miff post as I used it on one of my Travelling Tangles I'm about to send out.
    Anyhoo... I love love love your sketchbook pages! I want to lose myself in each page. I'm especially loving that Nik/Arukas tangleation. I did that in my sketchbook as soon as I saw it;-) Thanks so much for sharing these.

    1. Thanks for commenting again Michele - who knows where the first one went! I saw your Miff tile - looked lovely, super colouring on those tiles - like aged leather.

      I think Arukas can do great and unexpected things when taught to dance with other tangles. It's yet another thing I'd like to spend a while exploring!