Thursday, 10 May 2018

the sum of our parts

I haven't had that much time to tangle of late.  But I couldn't miss the oppurtunity to join in with the latest Mosaik Project run by Annette P.  I'd urge you to take part - copying the string is easy to do and the results are so much fun.  Even if you don't want to join in, please do take a look at the results of the previous Projects.

Each time Annette devises a string, asks us to copy it faithfully and fill it with tangles in black and white or suggested colour schemes.  Once she gathers copies of our tiles she works her magic, turning and flipping them into all manner of amazing permutations.  Not only that but she generously sends a mini-mosaic made with just your own tile.

These are the tiles I sent to her for the previous 3 projects -

For Project #11, an Escher-themed lizard, I sent two tiles as requested, one positive and one negative

And these are some of the mini-mosaics she sent back to me.


And that's just what she did with my tile.  Imagine the results with many talented tanglers tied together!  This time the string is simple and basic black and white tangling was asked for.  This is my contribution -

Tangles used - Krokus, Fassett, Moonpie

The deadline closes on the 15th May and Annette suggests she will share the results on the 23rd!  I can't wait to see what happens this time!

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  1. Wow! these are all so cool! I especially love the lizard;-)