Wednesday, 10 January 2018

a touch of blue

Around this time last year I blogged about my recent festive tangling project.  I'd chosen a handful of tiles and tools in a limit palette and worked with nothing but those over the Christmas and New Year period.  I really enjoyed limiting my parameters and have repeated the process a number of times throughout the year.

I decided to do the same this year, but limited things even further.  I had a small stack of bright white tiles of pastel paper, my usual tangling kit (pen, pencil, tortillion) and then added one extra - a Koh I Noor Polycolor pencil in Cobalt Blue that I'd bought as a single, but hadn't yet used!

The only other rule was that I wouldn't spend time looking up patterns, challenges etc.  It was just me and my imagination, away from screens and sketchbooks - drawing whatever came to mind.

And the results were quite surprising at times!  Tiles started to form that seemed a bit of a departure from my usual style, but in a most pleasing way.  Now for a little journey through the tiles - I've tried to label tangles where I can!

Drawings and Arukas and also a few bands of nothing I can name!

Tiny Toodles on a Florz-type grid with Baton filling the gaps.

Swirls of something like Snag,
cradling Fluxecho and two stretched Cruffle.

Flux surrounding Dex, dropping into Cubine.

Locas tipped with Springkly with Florz between.

A band of Kuziem, some auraed Toodles and Printemps.

So that's my tangle activity for the past couple of weeks.  Time now to dive into the new year, with all the colours and twists and turns, highlights and shades that it will bring!


  1. What a beautiful and elegant series! I find the most satisfying results from setting limitations and disconnecting from the distraction. That touch of blue is wonderful as it happens to be my favorite color. Stunning and inspiring 😍

    1. Thank you Michele. It's intriguing to hear that blue is your favourite colour and yet to my eye, it's not one you work with that often. Is that a conscious choice, or just that you lean more to the warmer more natural tones?

  2. If these blue series shows us what is in your mind...WOW! What a 'Beautiful Mind'! I had to look double and 3x to 'see' all the tangles you mentioned. Some were so cleverly camouflaged... I lack the words to describe your masterpieces, Lem.

    1. PS: it is a pity I cannot subscribe to your post!

    2. Thank you sweet Susie. Yes, those tangles were tightly tangled together in places.

      I have just this moment added a 'subscribe by email' button, right side by, near the top. I hope that helps you?

    3. PERFECT!!! I think I am your first signup. I used to have Feedburner as well, but just this week changed to MailChimp. Within one year I had over 1000 fake email addresses despite verification setting. Just make sure you keep an eye on them. 2000 is limit for free service.

    4. Welcome to my subscription! And thanks for the advice! I used to use Feedly, but now just keep an eye on my sidebar for when my friends update!

  3. Beautiful original work, I love it