Thursday, 13 July 2017

enjoy the silence

I've found time to tangle of late, but not always to share what I made.  So, in a break from my usual routine, this post will be mostly pictures, few words.

Jessica Davies is guest hosting the Diva Challenge this week -
and she asked us to use a heart string.  I'm not partial to hearts, but am smitten
with Jenna Black's Cross-UR-Heart - so all came good on this tan tile.

We've had a couple of spikes of unseasonably hot weather recently - one in June, one last week. 
On both occasions I tangled onto a tile dyed with tissue paper.

As the temperatures fell, clouds gathered and the rain began.  I tangled this
for It's a String Thing #202 - but ran out of time to send it to Adele!

And lastly, but not leastly - my tanglefriend Michele is guest hosting
Joey's challenge this week.  She asked us to use Margaret Bremner's
rope string and step away from anything other than the tangles we held in mind.
  Which left me with Printemps, Beadline and those shiny lines
I can't resist drawing everywhere!


  1. Wow and wow again. I was happily admiring the various tiles and stopped dead when I got to the last one. So wow and double wow. It's pretty, it's 3D, it has movement and it has style. It also has my wholehearted envy.

  2. Beautiful tiles! I especially like how you offset the heart on the paper. And that last tile has so much depth and movement to it ... it's beautiful in its simplicity. Well done!

  3. Omigosh! These are all so beautiful. I'm crazy about that rope string tile. What a knockout. Thanks so much for taking on my challenge 😉

  4. Whow! Great work you have done! The ropestring is stunning! And the one for the Diva´s challenge is very beautiful!

  5. Loved the hearts that almost didn't look like hearts at first! Great fun rope too.

  6. Lovely lovely tiles that just look so cute!

  7. All your tiles are simply fantastic to look at. Your delicate art drawing is to die for! Maybe if I keep drawing for the next 200 years I'll get there too. What are the chances.

  8. Wow, so much beauty in one post! Love the heart tile!!!

  9. Beautiful work, such nice compositions and colours in all your tiles
    My absolute favorite is the rope-string-tile because you have filled the rope only with Printemps and Beadlines in a fantastic way, love it!

  10. I love all of these, but my favorite is your Joey tile...elegant and airy with that superb contrast...oh! just wonderful!