Friday, 19 May 2017

one drop in an ocean

Vega meets Zander - I spent an age
choosing a green I was happy with

This is not two dragons touching tails.  This is a work in progress.  This week I have mostly been drawing twists of green onto tiles - I will then be adding further tangling in black and white.  And this is because Annette is running the latest of her wonderful Mosaic Projects.  If you haven't seen them before I'd urge you to take a look -

I watched the results unfold for a few months before I joined in.  Each time Annette provides a string or strings and any particular instructions for that Project.  When she has our finished tiles she arranges them into wild and wonderful collages - which remind me of the endless pleasure of looking through a kaleidoscope viewer as a child.  She is also kind enough to send little mosaics of your own tiles back to you by way of thanks for your participation.

The tiles I sent for Projects #5, #6 and #7

And this is what they became -

Project #5 - all set to take flight

Project #6 - another star in an endless sky

Project #7 - from dark to light and in between

But of course this is only a fraction of the magic - the true wonder happens when your tile combines with other peoples.  Please go and take a look through the archives and you'll see what I mean.  There are so many wonderful things happening in the world of Zentangle - I'm involved in just a few - each bringing their unique pleasures and challenges.  But this is one I'm truly pleased I found. 


  1. These are a delight! But please don't discount dragons...I love that idea :)
    Btw Daniel Smith Malachite Genuine is gorgeous, as are many of their 'Genuine' semi precious pigments xx

  2. I'm quite taken by this 'tail' - thinking of doing more of them, maybe a group... That Malachite green is lovely - I had a lot of different green paints, pens and pencils to choose from - but in the end settled for layering a few together.

  3. Way cool! I love her mosaic projects....your contributions are wonderful! That green of two dragon tails ;-) is awesome....waiting to see what it evolves into!

    1. Thank you Betsy. I think I need to add something organic around those tails - something that the dragons would be happy with!

  4. Gorgeous green tile and those Mosaic pieces are stunning, especially the star;-)

    1. Thank you Michele - the Mosaic idea is so simple, but so effective!