Thursday, 12 November 2015


For this week's Diva Challenge we were encouraged to give 'just a tiny taste' of tangle to our tile.  Easier said than done when that pen wants to lead a merry dance and fill every inch of those little paper squares.  But I was determined to make it happen...  I took a deep breath and waited a few days before even stepping near a tile.  Time to let all those crazy grand impulses subside.  Time to let the symphony settle down and just listen to the echoes.

XYP - with white highlights and arua

Hamail with Antidot-style fill and white highlights
It's a process I enjoyed very much.  It allows for a tile to be 'done' when there is less time available, but more than that it allows for far closer attention to the tangle in question, making it the star of the show.  And I felt thoroughly involved in the process.  Thanks to the Diva for the encouragement, it's a style I know I'll revisit.


  1. you are so right, this was a difficult one to do. the tangler in me wants to fill the page. i really like that you used the colored paper - it really makes your highlights and shading stand out. great job!

  2. Beautiful tiles and you are right the focus is on the beautiful tangles.

  3. I love the hamail/antidot tile 😊

  4. Both great tiles, but I love the second one most! Antidots works really well Hamail style!