Tuesday, 4 August 2015

the beautiful silence

For this week's guest-hosted Diva Challenge Sandy Hunter asked us to leave some white space untangled on our tile.

I pencilled a quick looped string and then it seemed to say that it would welcome woven type tangles, so I popped one each into the four quarters.

Featuring Harfe, Bask-it, Looplopp and Keeko

One of the things I love about Zentangle is that while I'm drawing my mind seems to drift in directions it might not otherwise take - sparks of ideas form, and elusive realisations come into focus.

While drawing this tile it started to dawn on me that sometimes we are so keen to fill every moment of our days with activity that we leave no space to appreciate or enjoy the unplanned.  The moment that arises without warning that might be the truest treasure in our all hustle and bustle.  The voids also leave valuable breathing room for the presences - they allow them to be more alive than if they are squeezed into a limited space.

So I'm going to try for the rest of this week, in my tiles as well as my days, to leave a little space.  I wonder if you will too?


  1. Excellent idea to leave a little space in life, I think I will set half an hour aside to just sit and let my mind think, or just be quiet whatever it decides to do. Beautifully drawn tile, the woven tangles really work,

  2. Very nice and balanced. It fits well with the plus and minus idea. Great work. Sarah.

  3. I agree about leaving some free time, especially out kids! Lovely tile!

  4. I indeed have 'open' space in almost all my days. But, easy to say for me, because I'm retired. However ..... I sometimes wonder how I ever found the time for a job :-)
    I like your tile.

  5. Wonderful and well-balanced tile! I like it!