Friday, 16 January 2015

off with a blast

What better way to come back to the wonderful world of Zentangle following my Christmas / New Year break than with a celebratory Diva Challenge!  She had reached the 200 milestone and is still going strong!  She invites us to use our go-to tangle and fill that tile!

So I grabbed a brand new Micron (there is nothing quite like that smooth flow of darkest black ink!) and went to work with Ticking.  I still don't have a go-to tangle as such - whichever one I fancy at any precise moment is the one I use.  But certain ones feel very satisfying to draw and Ticking is one of those.  So methodical and even and so tactile once you add the shading.

A couple of gaps in the bands and a couple of curved arcs of it as discovered in a previous unpacking of the tangle.  I darkened a couple of the edges just for added contrast and there you have it!  Like ropes pulling us into the new year.  Like elephant trunks trumpeting our arrival!


  1. this is lovely - the 3d effect from the shading is fab, and I love the design.

  2. I like this a lot! I need to try this tangle. I like your lines and the nice arcs. Very nice!

  3. I have never done ticking...I can see how this could be used with other tangles as well. Very cool!

  4. Love how you tangled your tile! Kind of Hollibaugh-ish, too.