Sunday, 14 December 2014

the magic word

A new official tangle feels like getting an early Christmas present.  And it's a good one - with a name that makes me think of the kind of word used to finalise a magician's spell.  Arukas!

Bands of Arukas
I started playing about with it a bit last week and popped a few simple variations into some pentagon outlines I used a template to draw.  These are simple versions, but which effectively show how slight changes, for instance by darkening different parts, can really change the look of the tangle. 

Arukas in bloom
Gridded Arukas
I think I could carry on with these slight variations for an endless amount of time, but when the Diva Challenge invited us to use Arukas I decided to push things a bit further and see how the tangle would look used in different ways - and I was quite pleased with some of the results.

These are hasty practices in my sketchbook, but thought it would be good to share them with others.  I can't wait to use some in forthcoming proper tiles.  Each brings a different dimension to the tangle.  Putting it in bands seems to emphasis its Art Deco nature.  In a grid it adds depth and dimension and would work well with tangles like Cubine.  Formed into a flower shape with Onamato between was fun and free-form.  But my favourite for now is placing it within Ing. 

A warm winter greeting from me to Arukas - you're welcome to stay!



  1. wow...I love how you played with Arukas...putting inapod in there? Brilliant! such creativity well done!

  2. Very cool ideas in your multiple applications of Arukas!

  3. Awesome variations! Thank yo for sharing them with us... In the grid, out of the grid, and other ways to use it! Very fun.

  4. Your gridded Arukas is lovely!!!! Very creative.

  5. I think Arukas-ing must be the magic wand for your magician! I like all the combos!